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Love Comes in Many Shapes & Sizes – Check Out the Most-Delivered Items on Valentine’s Day 2020

It’s no secret that love comes in many shapes and sizes. Here at Sherpa, we are reminded of this every Valentine’s Day. We’re no strangers to delivering special items to loved ones, but on the 14th of February every year we see all the different ways to say those three special words. Or more specifically, […]

The dying art of communication

Communication has never been so prevalent, over the past decades, humans have invented more and more advanced ways for people to exchange and communicate with each other all around the world. From telephones, to email, text messaging, video conferencing, social media, FaceTime, ChatRoulette… Who knows what will come next? Holograms? Maybe we’re just a couple […]

How to be a great flower delivery expert

By Adelaide Villemain Flowers are always very delicate to carry. If you accept a flower delivery, here are some helpful tips on how to get it right every time. What do you need? You essentially need a box or a crate, some pillows and just follow the next steps! Step 1 Place the bouquets in […]

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