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The future is here, and it’s in your hands

Driver App Feature Release: Future Jobs

We know that one of the best things about working for yourself as a Sherpa driver is the autonomy of delivering when, and how you want. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could plan your day ahead? Knowing that when you’re ready to get started there’ll be a delivery (or maybe even an entire run) waiting just for you, first thing in the morning?

Dream no more friends, it’s here. For those of you who like to set out with a little more structure to your day, rather than flying by the seat of your pants, Future Jobs is the feature for you. Now, you can toggle through time to view and accept jobs that are ready to be picked up now, later today, or even tomorrow.

Better optimise your time, and your earnings

With Future Jobs you can pre-accept jobs for later today or tomorrow, giving you more control over your delivery schedule, and allowing you to better plan your days and optimise your earnings.

Getting started with Future Jobs

Finding and accepting jobs for later

Accepting a future job, is very much like accepting a job that’s ready now – the only real difference is, you don’t head to the pick up straight away. Go to ‘Find Jobs’ and filter which jobs you’d like to view – jobs that are ready for pick up now, jobs ready for pick up later today, or jobs ready for pick up tomorrow.

I’ve accepted a Future Job, what happens now?

We’ve split ‘My Jobs’ into ‘Now’ and ‘Later’ to make it nice and easy for you to focus only on the jobs that are important, well, now. Same goes for the ‘Route’ view – we only route jobs that need to be completed soon.

Any Future Jobs will sit in the ‘Later’ tab, un-actionable, until they’re just about ready for pick up. At any point prior to the Future Jobs ‘ready at’ time, you can un-assign the job from your bucket via the job’s details page. But remember, we’ll be monitoring the frequency and reasons for un-assignment to ensure you’re not misusing this feature. Please don’t make us give you that warning!

And don’t worry, we’ll be sure to remind you about those things we’ve said we’ll deal with ‘Later’.

Within an hour of your Future Job(s) being ready for pick up, we’ll send you a reminder to re-confirm your availability. Please make sure you swipe to confirm you want to keep the job swiftly! If we don’t hear from you within half an hour of receiving the notification, we’ll unfortunately have to un-assign the job from you and re-open it up to the crowd.

Try it out, and let us know what you think!

We’re continually looking for ways to improve our tech, and your experience delivering with us. So, whether you love it, or hate it, please drop us a line to let us know how we’re doing.

And any other thoughts for ways in which we can better your experience, please share those too. We can’t promise we’ll get to them right away, but we’re listening!

For a more detailed how-to for Future Jobs, visit:
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