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Driver App Feature Release: New and improved POD UX

Authority to love: Sherpa’s fresh new driver app interface streamlining your Proof of Delivery workflow for maximised efficiency

Proof of delivery lies at the heart of every successful (and unsuccessful) delivery. We understand the importance of efficiency, reliability, and clarity for this crucial step. That’s why we’ve poured countless hours into refining this process for you. A new and improved user experience carefully crafted to streamline your delivery workflow providing greater flexibility, and increasing overall efficiency.

From capturing recipient details to attaching photo proof, and verifying information, this release simplifies the process with a slick (and sleek) intuitive scrollable interface, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on what matters most – delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Alongside a whole new look, this design offers newfound freedom. Whether you prefer to capture photo proof prior to ringing the doorbell, or want to adapt your sequence to each job’s specific requirements, our app now empowers you with the flexibility you need.

We know obtaining Proof of Delivery can sometimes be a little tedious, this new and improved experience arms you with flexibility, simplicity, and overall efficiency, allowing you to get back out on the road faster.

Fasten your seatbelts as we delve deeper into the specifics of your enhanced Sherpa Driver experience:

  • Scrollable Proof of Delivery form
  • Refined Job Details view
  • Delivery issues? Find help in-app

Scrollable Proof of Delivery form

Always present delivery tags

We’ve optimised the POD form so it requires as little brain power as possible. For each delivery, the form will only display fields required for the specific delivery type. But just in case, we’ve kept the delivery tags front and centre, to be referenced throughout the entire job process.

Dynamic form fields

We’ve employed smart show/hide functionality, dynamically adjusting form fields based on your selections. This intelligence ensures that you are presented only with relevant fields, eliminating unnecessary distractions and simplifying Proof of Delivery collection.

Capture your photo proof at any point

Every address, every recipient, every item, is different. We wanted to make sure you’re harnessed with a tool adaptive to each situation. Having issues with recipients taking products away before you’ve had a chance to get the shot? No worries, you can now choose to take your photo proof prior to knocking on the door if you wish.

Remember, getting the right photo for the customer is important, but it’s even more important for you. Be sure to review the photo before submitting – you can retake or upload as many times as you need.

Automatic submission of return reasons

Certain delivery types require you to input a fair bit of information, so we’ve done all we can to minimise unnecessary taps and input for you. We are now assigning the return reason for a job based on the selections you’ve made in the form (unfortunately, there is one instance the extra tap couldn’t be avoided, apologies!)

Follow the light(bulb)

We’ve sprinkled tips throughout to help guide you with potentially tougher decisions, they can help you with things like knowing whether it’s safe to leave an item unattended, or provide you with steps on how to proceed in a given scenario. As always, Live chat with Sherpa Support if you’re not sure.

Refined Job Details view

Improved segmentation of tabbed information

Clarity of information is key. We’ve made some improvements to ensure the relevant information is easier to read and action at the appropriate stage of your delivery workflow. Swipe between the different tabs to find the relevant information, and swipe up to see any information sitting below the fold.

Spotlight on notes and instructions

Key notes and instructions are now prominently displayed, ensuring that they catch your attention from the moment you access the job details page. This is where you’ll find any tips, or important information the Sender or Recipient wants you to know. Paying attention to this could save you a whole lot of time and hassle.

Delivery Issues? Find help in-app

Can’t find an address? Wrong item count? Was someone at the pick up address rude or aggressive? Check out Delivery Issues in the ••• menu of a job. Here we provide you with any necessary information, as well as steps to take to resolve or report the most common issues faced when completing a job.

Our Driver App will forever be a work in progress – with each feature release we hope to be enhancing, not inhibiting, your app experience. We had interviewed and shared prototypes with a few of you to help us bring this new POD workflow to life, but of course, it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve tried it out, we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you might have for us – we’re always listening.