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Simplifying job search with a swipe and more

We’re continuously working to make your delivery experience smoother, more efficient, and more rewarding. This has led to a series of enhancements, all aimed at providing you with the best tools and features for your job. Let’s dive into the exciting new improvements:

Swipe right to accept jobs

We understand the hustle of being a delivery driver, constantly juggling routes, managing pickups and drop-offs, all while keeping an eye out for new job opportunities – time is money, and every second counts. Now, with a simple swipe, you can add jobs to your bucket on-the-go.

Too quick to swipe? Don’t worry, as always, you can head into the job’s details in My Jobs and unassign it via the ••• menu.

In an upcoming release, you’ll have a few seconds to ’undo’ the acceptance directly from the Find Jobs success notification.

Simplified job cards

Clarity is key! You’ll find a prominently displayed delivery window on every job card. This indicates the ‘Ready at’ and ‘Deliver by’ time for the job, allowing you to plan your schedule with confidence. You’ll also see the number of stops ⟟ required to complete the job or run, and the driving duration, in both time and distance. As always, you can tap the card to expose even more details about the job.

*New* pickup window for bulk runs

For businesses dealing with a substantial number of deliveries, it’s essential to have structured processes in place. Allowing them to determine a pick up window benefits not only them, but you, too.

They are able to organise their deliveries more efficiently, reduce their risk for error, and streamline pick up processes. For you, it means approaching your pickups with confidence – knowing that everything is in order and ready for loading, allowing for better time management, reduced waiting times and higher chance of on-time delivery.

If a pickup window has been specified for a job or run, it will be called out on the job card for you to consider prior to accepting.

A fresh look for surging jobs

When you see our surging symbol, know that it’s not just a symbol of a challenging job but an opportunity to rise to the occasion, boost your earnings (or rewards), and maintain the high standards of same day delivery excellence and customer satisfaction.

Identify My Jobs at a glance

To further streamline your workflow and enhance customer interactions, we’re now exposing recipient name and reference/consignment IDs (when provided) directly on the My Jobs cards. Making it easier to verify details and identify who the delivery is for, ensuring smoother pickups and drop-offs.

We’ll be staggering this release across iOS and Android devices – you can expect it to be available to all users by mid-December, 2023.

We’re excited to share these improvements with you and are confident they will enhance your experience with our mobile app. Your feedback and insights are invaluable in shaping these updates, and we’re committed to continuously improving and delivering the best possible service. So as these changes appear on your screen, try them out and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you for choosing us as your platform for driving up your earnings.