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Proof of Delivery (POD): the most important step in the delivery process?

There is so much power in a good Proof of Delivery (POD), but we’ve realised that it may not be clear to everyone as to why this is, and why not providing a good one may result in a driver warning.

In this blog post, we address the most common POD questions in-depth:

What is the purpose of the Proof of Delivery (POD)?

When you complete a delivery, the Sherpa Driver app prompts you to take a POD photo, as well as note down recipient information, or provide a note (if ATL has been provided, and you feel it’s safe to leave the item(s) unattended). This may feel like an annoying step, but it’s actually the only receipt that confirms the recipient received all expected goods from the Sender in good condition. The Sherpa system also captures the time and location when you submit the POD.

Legally, the POD is evidence that the item(s) were delivered on time, in full, in good condition and at the right location, for the Sender (Sherpa Customer), the Recipient, Sherpa and the Driver Partner (you).

The POD is important for everyone involved in the delivery experience for different reasons.

For the Recipient:

  • Confirmation that their delivery has been completed.
  • If item(s) were left unattended, it notifies them of this, and gives visual evidence of where they can find them.
  • Allows them to file a claim for damages or missing item(s) with the Sender for a refund or redelivery.

For the Sender (Sherpa Customer):

  • Ensures the item(s) were delivered to the correct address and/or recipient.
  • To confirm item(s) condition upon delivery.
  • And if this is not the case, supports the shift in legal responsibility to fulfil their customer’s order from them, to Sherpa (Driver Partner).

For Sherpa (Driver Partner):

  • Proves whether the delivery agreement has been upheld (that is, showing the item(s) were delivered in good condition, on time, and to the right location).
  • Legal evidence to support and protect yourself from claims of damages and/or missing item(s) should it be required.

Why is the POD important?

As explained above, the POD is legal evidence that protects you from claims and shifts/assigns liability when someone reports damaged or missing item(s).  

We do unfortunately, receive numerous false claims for missing and/or damaged item(s) from both Senders and Recipients. But with a good POD photo, that is, one that proves the item(s) were delivered in full, and at the correct location, in 95% of cases our Claims Manager is able to instantly reject allegations.

The POD photo is the only supporting evidence we have to argue these cases. Without a clear and accurate POD photo, liability for lost or damaged items is automatically assigned to Sherpa and the Driver Partner a.k.a. you.

How to take a good POD and what to do if you have an issue

A good POD shows not only the items included in the delivery, but also enough of the surroundings that both the sender and the recipient can recognise and/or identify the delivery location.

A good POD clearly shows exactly where the item(s) were left, and shows them to be in good condition.

What if I have no reception to upload my POD?

Simply take a screenshot of the app screen, or take a regular photo (outside of the Sherpa Driver app) and send it through to us via live chat, or email to so you don’t have to queue! Don’t forget to include the delivery ID, and any recipient details, and we’ll upload it for you.

The Recipient took the item(s) inside before I could take a POD?

To prevent this from happening, place the item(s) on the doorstep and take the POD photo prior to knocking on the door. That way, you’ll always have the POD ready to go regardless of what the recipient does.