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Sherpa Delivery Shopify App Updates October 2021

Here’s a run through of the latest Sherpa Delivery Shopify app updates to provide even greater flexibility when offering Sherpa for shipping online orders.

Customise labels of shipping options at cart

When you enable multiple shipping locations, you can opt to let customers choose between Sherpa and other shipping options. You can now customise the labels and descriptions of those options at cart.

Customise popup with option to skip to checkout

When you have multiple pickup locations enabled, you can now customise the messaging on the popup to better manage customer expectations. We’ve also added the option to let customers skip item removal.

Hide Sherpa settings at cart

To enable merchants more control over how Sherpa is integrated, we’ve added an option to hide Sherpa at checkout, even when multiple locations is enabled. The app will only show Sherpa rates at checkout only if at least one location is in range of the customer AND all the items in that order are available at that location.

Note: The date calendar and driver notes features are also disabled with this option.

Bulk rates now reflect your user account settings

Sherpa offers discounted rates for customers with 20+ orders per day. If you have bulk rates enabled on your account, delivery windows shown at checkout will now match times set up in your Sherpa account.

Exclude items from Sherpa delivery

Don’t wish to show Sherpa delivery options for orders with specific products? We’ve introduced the SHERPA-EXCLUDE tag. Add this tag to products you do not wish to offer delivery by Sherpa. 

If an order contains at least one item with the SHERPA-EXCLUDE tag, the Sherpa shipping options will not be shown at cart, or as a shipping option at checkout.

Choose locations you use Sherpa for delivery

Due to Shopify’s multi-origin shipping rules, if your Shopify store is setup with multiple locations, you must select “Shopify store with multiple active locations”. When you choose custom, you can now select and manage the locations you wish to use Sherpa for delivery.

A note of caution when specifying only one active location

Only select “Shopify store with one active location“, option if you have only one store location.

Shopify have recently turned multi-origin shipping on by default. While this is a fantastic option for those merchants who’re happy for their order fulfillment to be split, orders logged with Sherpa can only be delivered from one pickup location per order.

To avoid Shopify automatically splitting Sherpa fulfillment, if you have more than one active Shopify location select ‘Shopify store with multiple active locations’.

Failing to do so will lead to some orders not being fulfilled by Sherpa.

How to get started with Sherpa Delivery app for Shopify

  • Search for the Sherpa Delivery app for your Shopify store.
  • If on the Shopify Basic plan, reach out to Shopify to have the Carrier Service enabled so that the Sherpa plugin can display real-time delivery rates on checkout.
  • Sign up for a Sherpa business account.
  • Configure your delivery preferences and options.
  • Start delivering with Sherpa!

Want a demo or need assistance?

In addition to our online help content, we now have a dedicated support desk for our plugin & app customers.  If you need app support, would like to see a demo of our app in action, or wish to submit a feature request, simply send an email to or log a support ticket via our support portal.

As always, we are consistently adding to our roadmap so if there is something you’re hoping to see in the app, please let us know via

Cath Hughes
Product Owner, Apps & Plugins

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