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Sherpa Delivery Shopify App Updates March 2022

Here’s a run through of the latest Sherpa Delivery Shopify app updates to provide even greater flexibility when offering Sherpa for shipping online orders.

Switch off or rename ‘Next Day’ delivery label when calendar isn’t enabled

When the calendar is disabled, Sherpa rates will show for same day, or, when cut off for particular services have past, next available day. We’ve now added option to provide an alternate label for next available day, or to not show next available day rates altogether.

Option to use shopify cart notes instead of Sherpa driver notes

By default, when you have the calendar enabled, or have a store with multiple locations, Sherpa widget will also show a ‘Notes for delivery driver’ field at cart. We have now added the option to use Shopify’s built in Cart Notes for this, or to switch it off altogether.

Disable the calendar on specific products

For customers who have same-day specific offerings, we’ve created a tag to disable the calendar on select products. When the ‘Hide calendar on select products’ box is checked under Locations > Delivery Date Selection, a customers’ cart that contains at least one product with the SHERPA-NO-CAL tag will not be shown the calendar and instead to default to same day / next day rates.

Compatibility with NZ locations

We’ve recently launched in New Zealand and the app has now been updated to include our delivery regions in NZ. You’ll need a New Zealand user account to get started

Quick start guide with videos

Just getting started with the app? We’ve created a quick start guide with bite-sized videos to get you up and running quickly. Check it out here or click the link from the app dashboard.

How to get started with Sherpa Delivery app for Shopify

  • Search for the Sherpa Delivery app for your Shopify store.
  • If on the Shopify Basic plan, reach out to Shopify to have the Carrier Service enabled so that the Sherpa plugin can display real-time delivery rates on checkout.
  • Sign up for a Sherpa business account.
  • Configure your delivery preferences and options.
  • Start delivering with Sherpa!

Want a demo or need assistance?

In addition to our online help content, we now have a dedicated support desk for our plugin & app customers.  If you need app support, would like to see a demo of our app in action, or wish to submit a feature request, simply send an email to or log a support ticket via our support portal.

As always, we are consistently adding to our roadmap so if there is something you’re hoping to see in the app, please let us know via

Cath Hughes
Product Owner, Apps & Plugins

Click here to learn more about Sherpa’s same day delivery services

The Sherpa Delivery Shopify App connects your Shopify store to your Sherpa account, providing automated 1hr, 2hr, 4hr & same day local delivery.

Our Shopify app is packed full of features to ensure a seamless delivery experience for you and your customers.

Our app is free to install (some plans may require a Shopify addon, required for any 3rd party calculated shipping).