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Reasons why it’s better to deliver parcels rather than people

So you’re looking to make a bit extra cash and you’re wondering whether you should move parcels or people? We can help you make that call.


#1 – Because you don’t want everyone to know you’re trying to make extra cash.

Imagine having to give your boss a lift… Awkward, right? You won’t have any issues doing that with parcels since as far as we can tell, they don’t have emotions. But shhh, you never know.


#2 – Because you can do it even if you just have a scooter or a push bike.

Try carrying two people on a scooter, I guarantee you’ll wish they were a sandwich instead. With Sherpa, you can register as a driver whether you have a motorbike or a push bike.


#3 – Because cakes don’t talk.

If they did, they’d probably beg you not to eat them. Thank God they don’t. Otherwise they’d probably annoy you with their political views or personal lives. Not everybody’s always in a good enough mood to talk, right?


#4 – Because boxes don’t get drunk.

Ahhh cleaning up drunk people’s mess in your car at 4AM, really puts life into perspective, doesn’t it? Remove that hassle and transport sober packages that won’t stink up your car.


#5 – Because you get to bring people joy.

Remember the last person who brought you food? Exactly, you married them. Imagine the look on someone’s face as you’re bringing them a cupcake or flowers sent by a loved one, priceless right?


#6 – Because parcels don’t make you wait.

Do you remember ever having to wait for a box to put makeup on? With Sherpa, it’s easy you just have to pick up items that have either been pre-purchased or you buy the item on someone’s behalf.


Convinced? If you want to start moving parcels and make cash, register here.