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Brewquets & Sherpa: the perfect pair to bring happiness

Meet Brewquet, the Sydney beer gift delivery service that has changed our lives. For just $35 including Sherpa as the delivery service, this company will ship three craft beers wrapped in tissue paper and a hessian bag and adorned with a handwritten note. Do you want to know more about them and how we work together? Have a look at the interview and give them a go!


1. How did you find out about Sherpa?

I found out through good old fashioned Google!


2. What has been your experience so far with Sherpa deliveries?

I’m the founder of a start up, and if you’ve ever been in that position you know just how important it is for your suppliers to make you look awesome. Sherpa do just that. They leave no order behind! If I could bottle up their efficiency and friendliness and sell it, I’d be a rich lady.


3. How did it help you grow or rather start your business?

Sherpa have collaborated with me since day dot – providing quick solutions to maximise my efficiency and ensure I deliver an exceptional experience for my customers. They have a ‘can do’ attitude and have re-configured systems on their end (in a manner of hours) to help me grow – quickly! They think well beyond logistically solutions, and provide insightful ideas to help build your brand – I’ve even chatted to my customer service lead about my social media activity!


4. An anecdote with Sherpa (driver quote, any joke or things that happened once?)…

I’ve quickly grown to love my regular group of Sherpas – they all come through my office door at lunch time every day with a bounce in their step, always in a good mood!


5. Any additional thoughts you want to share 😀

I want to grow my business across Australia, and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else by my side but Sherpa. I wouldn’t be where I am without their on-going help! Thank you!