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Sherpa releases new Same Day & 4 hour delivery services

Sherpa launched in 2015 with a disruptive 2 hour guaranteed service. Since then we have grown to service 6 cities and thousands of customers all the while completing over 40 thousand deliveries.

Today we released the first of a series of additional services and products that Sherpa has planned over 2016.

  • Same day delivery – For non time-sensitive deliveries guaranteed between 7am and 5pm
  • 4 hour delivery – For those deliveries not quite as urgent as our premium service, guaranteed between 7am and 5pm

These deliveries options in themselves are not innovative but it’s the entire Sherpa experience that wraps it all together into one big disruptive bow-tie.

  • Crowdsourced drivers – offers more elasticity and flexibility for your business. No minimum volumes
  • Ecommerce plugins & API integration
  • Real time tracking and ETA

At Sherpa our goal is to make last mile delivery more efficient and optimised. We do it now through a series of delivery services supported by technology and crowdsourced drivers. We aim to enhance last mile delivery with an additional series of technology-driven solutions which will be announced within the next few months.

As a business you should be managing customer experience from the store to the customer’s door but because of the fragmented landscape of courier services and archaic technology, most businesses are using multiple service providers for different situations.

Our plan is to give businesses one interface combining all last mile delivery solutions. If your business offers delivery and you have found it to be one of those bugbears or necessary evils, contact us at Sherpa and we’ll walk you through our solutions.

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