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How much money you could make working as a Sherpa

Here at Sherpa, our primary mission is to deliver almost any item under 2 hours (45 min for food and 1 hour for alcohol), however we’re also committed to our Sherpas and we like to think we can make it worth their while and allow them to make good money.

We’ve all got different needs, depending on what stage of your life you fin yourself in, whether you’re looking for a full-time role, a part-time one or you just want to work on a casual basis, good news is we can make it work.

Let’s look at different Sherpa profiles based on their availability and see how much they make.

Josh – Full time

Josh lives in Sydney, drives a car and is currently unemployed. He needs a temporary solution to make money while he looks for a long term role. He signed up ages ago but only just started using us as a means to make extra cash.

He’s available all day from Monday to Friday and works mostly from 8:30 to 4:30. Since he started, he does about 15 deliveries/day and makes $210 on average. Last month he made $4,200.

Mark – Part time

Mark also lives in Sydney, he’s retired but wants to make a bit extra money so he works every other day for Sherpa in the afternoons. On the days he does work, he usually handles 4 deliveries which generate him around $63.

Last month he made $880 doing 60 deliveries.

Anna – Casual

Anna’s a student in Melbourne, she has uni most days so she only uses Sherpa a couple hours per month in her free time to get a bit more spending money for the weekends.

She usually does 4 deliveries a day when she’s available which adds up to around 20 deliveries a month and $300 extra cash. 

Sounds pretty good, right? If you want to sign up as a Sherpa driver, register here.