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Bindle, a great eco-friendly gift to spoil your loved ones

Tell us about your business:

Bindle is a boutique gift business that blends sustainability with style. Bindle engages local artisans to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages that incorporate food, wine and design. There are Bindles for every occasion and every part of the creation is Australian – the products within the Bindles; the boxes that contain them; the hand that wrapped them.

Why did you start your business?

I always aspired to having her own business.

I faced an ever recurring small nightmare of trying to find inspired gifts for friends and family for milestone occasions. After seeing local produce becoming less and less a feature in gift purchases, I spied a niche in the market. It was due to the urge to air my creative impulses and the dream to build something of my own that Bindle transpired.

Following what verged obsessive research and visits to local markets and boutique food stores. Merging design, and a passion for Australian-made local products, Bindle was born.

Best feedback you have received so far?

“Life is too short. Think about what you are passionate about and make your passion your pay check.”

Advice to people starting their own business.

Believe in yourself, be brave and follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to receive feedback negative or otherwise.

How did you find out about Sherpa?

I discovered Sherpa on social media.

What has been your experience so far with Sherpa deliveries?

I am a huge fan of Sherpa! The process is intuitive and the drivers communication is always fantastic. People want things delivered yesterday these days so having a reliable and efficient courier option is vital to keep up to speed and most importantly make us look good!

How did Sherpa help you grow or rather start your business?

Effective and reliable delivery logistics are pivotal to Bindle’s success. Sherpa have helped to grow Bindle’s service delivery and exceptional customer service. Offering a promise of 2 hour delivery, Sherpa takes personal delivery to the next level and customers are constantly offering glowing feedback about the efficiency.

Forgotten a friends birthday, Sh*t! Order a Bindle gift and BAM delivered within two hours of a mouse click. Genius.

An anecdote with Sherpa (driver quote, any joke or things that happened once?)…

Sherpa delivery drivers are all smiles!