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Business Inspiration with Bianca Kristallis from Pamper Hamper Gifts

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Tell us about your business

Pamper Hamper Gifts is an Online Luxury Gift Hamper Company delivering Australia wide.

Our e-commerce site enables consumers to purchase gift hampers for any occasion such as birthdays, thank you’s, weddings, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many more.
The company began in 2004 and has taken the gift giving experience to a whole new level with innovative ideas and creations designed to leave an everlasting impression with every buyer, receiver and browser. My team and I have sourced products from some of Australia’s top rated companies and have succeeded in identifying precisely what customers want when it comes to gifting and making an impression. It’s no surprise that my business model and vision has lasted the test of time- with the business celebrating its 12th birthday this year.

Why did you start your business?

I made the decision to turn my passion into profit. I was tired of stale, uninventive and one-dimensional gifting options, in 2004 I was on a mission to breathe fresh life into the gifting industry one immaculately tied ribbon at a time and capitalise on a gap in the market for premium hampers.

I had noticed the lack of luxurious hampers on the Internet and was mortified by the dated and boring options available. I wanted to get away from cane baskets and curling bows and bring the ‘wow factor’ and style back into gift giving. I woke up one day and thought – ‘Right, I’m going to do this!. This is how Pamper Hamper Gifts was born.

What’s the best feedback you have received so far about your business?

We receive lovely feedback all the time.
Our customers love the variety of hampers we offer and the simple, easy to use website. They also love the quality of our boxes and our upmarket black and white styling. They also can’t believe the speedy delivery options we offer and how we can get them hampers within 2-3 hours . Recently my company gifted 150 hard working employees for doing a great job in the financial year. The PA who arranged them called us to say that staff were so excited and blown away that the thank you’s were still being said 2 weeks later.

What advice would you have for people starting their own business?

1. If you are passionate about something make it happen, don’t be scared, don’t make it hard on yourself. The risk will pay off!

2. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people & help others. Share ideas and learn from others mistakes. Write notes after every business discussion. You have to give a little to get a little. You don’t need to give away your secrets however you can share you experience and develop business friendships, they are important.

3. Be a “doer” – don’t sit on a fantastic idea! Start writing, thinking and creating your inspiration board. Seek advice if you need it.

4. Being authentic & different in business: have a point of difference and keep being persistent with that idea or business model.

5. Always research your business idea before you begin. Are there other major players you will be up against, who are you targeting? Is your idea unique? Will you make money?

How did you find out about Sherpa?

I was first approached by Alex from Sherpa who was so lovely to deal with and very understanding of our business needs. He had heard about Pamper Hamper Gifts and set up a meeting to present the Sherpa service. We loved it from the get go and haven’t turned back. Thank you Sherpa for finding us, we look forward to a long lasting partnership.

What has been your experience so far with Sherpa?

I love the efficiency of Sherpa.
So quick, reliable and cost effective. Best of all our shoppers are sent live online tracking and can monitor their own deliveries without having to call us. It gives our customers reassurance that their hampers have arrived safely and in a timely fashion.

How did Sherpa help you grow?

Sherpa assisted me with gaining momentum with our local shoppers due to the reliable same day service. Our Sydney same day orders are growing daily due to this platform.

What’s your favourite business quote?

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”

Head over to Pamper Hamper Gift’s website to delight your loved ones.