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Valentines-Day – A florists most important day of the year

Valentine’s Day is an important day in pop culture; a day when people across the world express their love through giving flowers and gifts. Commercially V-Day (as it is affectionately known amongst the floral community) is great for business as romantics will spend about $1 Billion this year on gifts for their loved ones.

This year because Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday and it is set to be the biggest Valentine’s Day for gifts and giving in recent years.

This is good news for many but it will be a hectic day for those involved on the supplier side. Here at Sherpa we are the single largest deliverer of flowers in the country with over 200,000 to be delivered in 2017 so we know a thing or two about the flower industry 🙂

Here are our tips for businesses to prepare for Valentines day:

  1. Use data to plan your day as best you can in regards to sales and merchandise needs
  2. Meet with your key suppliers to ensure they can handle your demand on the day
  3. Have your logistics sorted, especially if you’re a florist – It’s a special day so don’t ruin it with a bad delivery experience
  4. Staffing – get all hands on deck and make sure you give everyone specific responsibilities
  5. Offer gift wrapping and cards to make it easier on the purchaser – this little add-on is guaranteed to increase your sales
  6. Have efficient processes and systems in place
  7. Market yourself – this is a big day for impulse and last minute gifts so get your product and/or brand out there. There are plenty of publications looking for product samples and brands with gift ideas for V-day
  8. Have fun!

The Sherpa team will be working tirelessly the days before and after to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

Check out our social media channel Facebook and Instagram for updates as the day unfolds. See the team and drivers from 4am onwards making the magic happen!