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Love Comes in Many Shapes & Sizes – Check Out the Most-Delivered Items on Valentine’s Day 2020

It’s no secret that love comes in many shapes and sizes. Here at Sherpa, we are reminded of this every Valentine’s Day. We’re no strangers to delivering special items to loved ones, but on the 14th of February every year we see all the different ways to say those three special words. Or more specifically, all the different things that say ‘I love you’. 

With over 13,000 deliveries on the big day, we’re constantly amazed at the sheer amount of romantics out there – it’s heartwarming! Ok, enough of that. Without further ado, here are the most-delivered item types from Valentine’s Day 2020. Drum roll, please…

Flowers: 50,000 +

Surprise, surprise. Sending your Valentine a rose on Valentine’s Day was all the rage this year. We could mention the 500+ florists we work with day in and day out, but you’d still be reading this post next Valentine’s Day. Suffice to say we appreciate the longstanding relationships we’ve developed in this industry. Let’s see if this flower trend carries over to 2021.

Alcohol: 9,000 +

In truth, this year we should really call this category ‘Wine’. On the day we delivered over 9,000 bottles to special someones and every cracking red cracked a tear-jerking smile. Seriously, if any of our loved ones are reading this, take note. Wine is a great Valentines Day gift, and it can be shared!

Doughnuts: 8,000 +

Ah, yes. Doughnuts. What better way to show your love than to buy that special someone a ring? Well, buy them an edible one with lots of chocolate icing, cover it with hundreds and thousands and you may as well sign the marriage papers right now. Doughnuts, obviously still riding the renaissance of the late twenty-teens, come in at number 3 this year.

Teddy Bears: 300 +

Ok, this one didn’t surprise us completely. But we did kinda think Teddy-Bear gifting was the stuff of rom-coms and school fetes. Alas, the practice seems to have firmly taken off, and after seeing the reaction they got from some of our Sherpa’s, we expect they might be on their way to the top next year. You read it here first.

Honourable Mentions

Chocolates and jewellery both deserve honourable mentions. It’s been thrown around that they should team up with Teddy Bears next year and challenge doughnuts for number 3. Somehow though, we can’t see chocolate-flavoured-teddy-bear necklaces cracking the mainstream any time soon.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to the people you appreciate. On that note, we would like to mention again how incredibly grateful we are to all our customers, both business and personal who trust us to get sentimental and important items where they are most needed day after day of every year.
At Sherpa, the thing we love most about doing what we do is those special moments where our technology brings joy to people’s lives. Without the trust of our customers and the hard work of our Sherpas, none of it would be possible.

Now go and get yourself a chocolate-flavoured-teddy-bear necklace already. You know you want to.