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Another Mother’s Day has Come & Gone Away.

Though mums will have to sit tight for another year before getting the recognition they truly deserve, we’re still hanging on just a little bit in their honour. Some will say we’re living in the past. To them we say this; it was 5 days ago.

Besides, Sunday was a special day. We saw a lot of love this year, both personally and professionally, and that is something that should be celebrated for at least a little while longer, before we close the book and place it high on the shelf to be dusted off again next May.

Before getting to the what, let’s tackle the who. Not the legendary English rock band, but the people who came together to make magic for mum’s across the country on Sunday. Drivers, account managers, support staff, retailers and some very grateful dependants all contributed to another roaring success. 

Mums, of course, played the starring role of ‘recipient’. So let’s take a look at what exactly they received.

More than 11,000 lucky ladies received wine deliveries, or an alcohol delivery of a similar nature. It’s not surprising that this was the leading category either – whose mum doesn’t love a good tipple in honour of themselves?

It wouldn’t take long to guess what this year’s runner up category is, but we’re just going to tell you. More than 5,000 mums had flowers delivered from one of the 600+ florist retailers we work with across the country. A rose for a rose and all that.

1,500 deliveries this year classed simply as ‘gifts’. An important category which covers all manner of unique interests and tastes. From desserts to hampers, one maternal gem even received a life-sized cut out of herself. Safe to say she was the real winner this year.

An honourable mention to a category that surprised us. With 1,200+ grocery deliveries this year, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, partners and friends of all nature have found what we think is a brilliantly simple and innovative gift idea. What better a way to give mum the gift of time on Mothers Day, than to relieve her of a task. 

Plus, some can now finally say they didn’t forget to buy milk on the way home, and who doesn’t get the groceries delivered these days anyway? Come to think of it, a large portion of these deliveries may have just been Aussie mum’s rewarding themselves. We hope so, that’s a nice thought.

Now in the interests of transparency, we feel obliged to share that our average delivery time on Mother’s Day was around 90 minutes, so we bet there’s a fair few naughty children who forgot about mum and had to organise a last minute delivery. Thankfully this is what we specialise in and our retailers were prepared for this as well. To all the culprits, don’t worry, we won’t name names.

And so it seems that’s all she wrote for this year. We never get sick of delivering happiness to peoples front doors, especially when mum answers.