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Valentine’s Day: Run out of ideas?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you only have a few days left to prepare and make this day special! Sometimes it can be hard to pick the right gift for your other half but what really matters is if it comes from the heart. Seriously, there is definitely a way to do Valentine’s Day right. That means giving a gift that truly shows your love and how much you care about that person.

If you are struggling to find something original, cool and impressive, don’t give up and have a look at our ideas:

  • Flowers: what girl doesn’t like flowers? It’s one of the best presents ever, you can never go wrong with them and your love will be more than excited!

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  • Chocolates: sweeten up your love’s day with chocolates, cakes or anything yummy. This present may make your pants feel a little tighter, but how happy would you be? Apart from that, its effects on your mental health are awesome (despite the calories!). It’s a special day, just do it and don’t worry about anything else!


  • Jewelry: If you have figured out the personal style of your love, a beautiful and practical gift will be amazing! If you find something to wear everyday, it will be easy to have you in her/his mind all day!


  • Sex Toys: why not? It’s one of the funniest and more useful presents you can give 😉 Go for it!


  • Have a date night in: to create the perfect night in together, buy your favourite wine, plan to cook dinner or order take away; watch a movie you love, get comfortable and make the night about the two of you. We are sure everything will go smoothly!


  • A great experience: We are made of experiences and there is nothing better for Valentine’s Day than spending time doing something new and fun with your partner: taking dancing or cooking lessons, getting away on the weekend, skydiving… It will be nice to take a break from your routine and create a shared special memory you will forever treasure.


  • Relaxation: Spoilt your love with a nice bubble bath, a sweet massage or some cuddles. You know it will be worth it and you both deserve a little time for yourself taking a break in the middle of these everyday responsibilities. It’s relaxing, and a great way to be physically close.


  • Music Album: If you’re both into music, why don’t you make a mix of songs that remind you and your love? it will be a sweet gesture to think about what your partner loves and it is a good way to discover things you have in common. Just grab a glass of wine, play on the music and let yourself go!


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