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Business Chat with GlamCorner CEO, Dean Jones

Dean Jones

Tell us about your business

GlamCorner is Australia’s leading online designer fashion rental business. Our mission is to be every Australian woman’s endless online wardrobe and remove the need for those “I have nothing to wear!” moments that happen for all those occasions throughout the year. GlamCorner‘s customers can rent designer dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and accessories from hundreds of Australian and International designer labels – all for a fraction of the retail price and have it delivered to their door!


How did you find out about Sherpa?

We offer same-day delivery to our customers in the Sydney metro area, which is perfect for our those women who need an emergency, last-minute dress. However, we found that as our business was growing we were struggling to find a local courier company that could swiftly and reliably deliver our lovely designer dresses to our customer’s front doors (at the drop of a hat in many cases). Around that time we had met the founders of Sherpa and learned about this amazing new on-demand courier service they had been building. We decided to trial the service and were quickly impressed by the platform’s reliability, well-crafted user experience and excellent customer service. Since then we haven’t looked back and Sherpa now delivers all of GC’s emergency deliveries around Sydney every business day.


What has been your experience so far with Sherpa?

Our experience so far with Sherpa has been excellent. It’s so reassuring for our business to know that we can accept so many types of urgent delivery requests from customers with 100% confidence that we can get their items to them on-time and they’ll be happy. Our Customer Happiness team are expert problem solvers and are regularly in communication with Sherpa’s amazing Customer Service team to ensure everything is running smoothly. In fact, they’ve affectionately named booking a Sherpa driver as booking a “Sherpie” because they’re now so familiar with the platform and know that the items will be delivered to a high standard.


talulah_springcarnival-2How did Sherpa help you grow?

Sherpa has definitely assisted our growth in two ways. The first is in allowing us to confidently take large amounts of same-day emergency orders to be delivered in Sydney metro at scale and without any bottlenecks or issues. In today’s fast-paced, on-demand world this has greatly enhanced our ability to compete and grow. The second has been by ensuring that our customers get their requested deliveries on-time and exactly where they asked them to be delivered. This quality of service has helped us to keep our customers delighted which has ensured they continue to come back to GlamCorner for their next dress rental and also encourages them to tell their friends about us! 🙂


Do you have a specific Sherpa delivery story that you want to share?

We have many, but there is one in particular that stands out. It was Friday afternoon at around 2-3pm and a previous customer called us with a real emergency situation: she was a bridesmaid at her best friends’ wedding and there had been a huge mix up with the bridesmaid dresses and they had not arrived on time. Worst yet, the wedding was the next day! After a few phone calls back and forth with our Customer Happiness team, we were able to confirm the availability of three identical and perfect-fitting bridesmaid dresses that their bridal party could hire and have shipped to them that afternoon. The best part about this story was that from the moment the customer had called up and explained the situation, our team was able to confidently reassure them that as long as we can find dresses that will suit the occasion we told them that we can have it to couriered direct to them with certainty that afternoon/evening. And sure enough, once all was confirmed, our Customer Happiness team booked a “Sherpie” and our lovely customer and her best friend (the bride) received their dresses with time to spare that afternoon and they were absolutely perfect for the event. Sherpa definitely played a huge part in helping GlamCorner save the day for this bridal party.


What’s your favourite business quote?

One of my favourites is “Look after your customers and the business will look after itself” – Ray Croc, founder of McDonalds. While I don’t think Ray meant for this saying to be interpreted 100% literally (because I don’t think any business will literally ‘take after itself’ :P), the message is clear: customer happiness is at the sole of every business. We take Customer Happiness incredibly seriously at GlamCorner and our team regularly go above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations. Sherpa takes very good care of us as a customer and likewise assists us to do the same for ours. We have a great relationship with Sherpa and will continue to do so for years to come! Thanks very much from the whole GC family!