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Staff Picks: Top Driving Tunes


Solenne’s Pick

Happiest Man on Earth – Broken Back

“I have just discovered them while being in Australia and it gives you full energy and makes you SMILE too!”


Ben’s Pick

Holiday Road – Lyndsay Buckingham

“A classic. Just enjoy the trailer.”


Kate’s Pick

Naive – The Kooks

“I heard it for the first time back in the good old days of Myspace, someone had it as their profile song (it was so cool that you could add a song to your profile!). I can’t remember whose it was, but the song stuck… Gotta be an all time favourite, always puts me in a good mood!”


Ryan’s Pick

Holdin on – Flume

Gets me geed up and in the zone with such a solid beat.”


Laura’s Pick

ZZ Top – La Grange

“Probably best listened to while driving a red convertible on an empty Arizona highway, but it’ll do the trick in Oz as well”

Mat (1)

Mat’s Pick

Poney (part 1) – Vitalic

“You can double the number of deliveries you do listening to this music!!!”


Eduardo’s Pick

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

“This song reminds me my family trips when I was a kid..!”


Adelaide’s Pick

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

“So classic. So good.”


Alex’s Pick

If You Want Me To Stay – Sly & The Family Stone

“Great to sing and tap on the steering wheel to.”


Sam’s Pick

Martin Garrix – Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016

“This set gives me that extra bit of energy I need to start the morning off with a bang!”

What about your favourite driving songs? Tell us in the comment section!