Sherpa’s first workshop: How to grow your business

By Solenne Colcombet


Excitement was taking over the team on Wednesday late afternoon as we were all cleaning up, packing gifts bags and displaying drinks & nibbles! What was happening @Sherpa’s office? A visit from llamas from Nepal? New candidates to join our team? Even better!

We were hosting our 1st workshop in our office, with some of our businesses and others from our Sherpa community! How exciting to have everyone around, to meet with some businesses that believe in our service and for whom we make it happen every day! The atmosphere was vibrant all evening, people mingling together, exchanging their vision of Sherpa and giving their business insights to each other. Happy Wednesday everyone!


What was it all about?

Ben Nowlan, one of our cofounders (and quite a speaker! Anyone, if you need oral skill training, meet Ben!) had gathered some thoughts that could be useful for small businesses (or anyone wishing to launch their own start-up or SME soon).

We all agree, networking events where a speaker is invited is usually half boring (the guy on the scene loves the sound of his own voice and has no purpose to talk other than being proud of doing so) or just completely unsuited for your own interest…. Aware of these drawbacks of workshops, our presentation @Sherpa was focused on bringing real value to our attendees and be straightforward, clear and with useful takeaways!


The theme of this workshop was “How to Grow your Business”

  • 3 common mistakes all small businesses make and how to fix them
  • Metrics, Measuring what matters to your business
  • A great customer experience
  • Controlling the customer experience from store to door

If you are looking to know more about this topic or if you want to read all of it, here is the link to the slide deck!


@ Sherpa we strive to be part of all your experience as a business, from helping your revenue grow thanks to delivery to giving some insights into what we believe are the key elements to settle in one’s business – reaching out to so many verticals enables us to have such a large vision of the market and this vision is always better when shared!

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