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Zip Zap! Introducing our New Plug-&-Play Shopify Integration

Sparks are well and truly flying here at Sherpa. We’re doubling down on the flexibility we offer to Australian merchants with the launch of our latest product integration, powered by Zapiet.

With consumer demand leading to huge growth in the last-mile delivery market, the accessibility current is running strong, with MarketWatch projecting that globally the sector was worth $30.2b in 2018 and is on its way towards $55.2b by 2025. A light bulb moment for us for sure, as we saw the opportunity to offer our customers more optionality plugging-in with us.

Shockingly-hilarious electricity puns aside, the integration seamlessly passes orders between Shopify Store Pickup + Delivery and Sherpa, cutting down on manual entry and administration for merchants using Sherpa as their delivery partner. The automation also reduces the risk of error, improving customer satisfaction.

Using Store Pickup + Delivery’s powerful customisations, merchants can set which suburbs and regions they offer delivery in, have granular control of rates and fees and manage which products are offered for delivery. The app also manages courier pickup (ready at) times to ensure drivers don’t arrive before deliveries are ready.

All in all, it’s safe to say Shopify merchants now have amp-le reasons to integrate with Sherpa and our latest partners. Zip, Zap.

Andrew Cargill, Zapiet’s founder, had this to say:

“It’s always a pleasure to partner with companies who offer their customers outstanding service, and Sherpa is no exception. We’re also really pleased to make business easier for our Shopify clients in Australia.”

Andrew Cargill, Founder at Zapiet

As for us, we’re pretty buzzed too. Our founder and CEO Bastien Vetault commented:

We’re excited to be offering Shopify merchants a seamless integration between their online store and our on-demand delivery service. Removing the hassle of manual uploads for retailers, and providing their customers transparency of delivery tracking, our users are sure to love it. Thanks, Zapiet!

Bastien Vetault, Co-Founder & CTO at Sherpa

To see how Store Pickup + Delivery can help you grow your business, start a 14-day free trial now!

About Zapiet

Zapiet is the leading app developer for store pickup and delivery functionality on both Shopify and BigCommerce. Founded in 2015 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, the company pioneered store pickup and delivery functionality for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants. Solutions from Zapiet provide the flexibility, scalability, and performance required for both delivery and brick-and-mortar store pickup. To learn more, please visit and follow @zapiet on Twitter.

About Sherpa

Founded in 2015, Sherpa endeavours to improve the way retailers execute their last-mile fulfilment experience. We build efficiencies in logistics using our industry-leading technology and a customer-centric approach. Our intuitive delivery and fleet management tools, easy-to-use booking platform and Australia’s largest fleet of crowd-sourced drivers, boasts a unique solution that offers unprecedented flexibility for businesses big and small.Please visit to learn more.