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How to be a great flower delivery expert

By Adelaide Villemain

Flowers are always very delicate to carry. If you accept a flower delivery, here are some helpful tips on how to get it right every time.

What do you need?

You essentially need a box or a crate, some pillows and just follow the next steps!


Step 1

Place the bouquets in the box or crate to minimise risk of damage during transport.


If you are transporting a flower arrangement in a vase, place the vase in crate and pad the inside of the crate with cushions to reduce the chance of movement. Make sure you handle the arrangement delicately when doing this.


Step 2

Place the crate on a flat surface and make sure flowers aren’t being squashed during transport.


Step 3

Keep the environment cool and shaded in order to help maintain the freshness of the flowers.


Step 4

A beautiful smile is always welcomed when you deliver flowers! We all love receiving presents but what’s even better is a friendly face to go along with it.