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Our Silver Sherpa

Who said retirees could not work anymore?

….Meet Noel, not just a courier!

As people are staying healthier and living longer, how do you help retirees to continue to work and keep an active without having to become a volunteer or become a babysitter for his/her grandchildren?

@Sherpa, we interviewed our “Silver SHERPA”, Noel Reynolds, born in 1947 and now retired for a couple of years .

How did you hear about Sherpa?

My wife saw some courier work available on the internet and she mentioned it to me. I had been a courier before so it was not so new to me.

How is your experience as a Sherpa compared to your former job as a traditional courier?

I worked for a couple of courier companies. Sherpa is dealing with flowers, gifts…it is lovely to get involved in people’s happy events! Also, the management did not treat the couriers well in my former companies. Phone calls with the Sherpa Team are always a great experience and people there are very helpful.

What is your background?

I worked in the insurance industry. I developed great awareness and appreciation for customer service and that is what I like in Sherpa – I found the same importance for service.

Were you familiar with the on-demand economy, Uber type of business?

Not really. Only heard of Uber on TV and through the media.

An anecdote about your deliveries?

Once a business had logged 2 pick-up addresses…I felt bewildered and I had to ask Sherpa Operation Team how to deal with it. Could not really duplicate myself on that one (laughs).

What do you like about Sherpa?

I do some flower deliveries for example and as you do more of them, you start to create relationship with the florist shops’ owners and that is a great aspect of Sherpa experience!

Things you would like to see changed to help Sherpa become even better?

The app is already great and actually if you change it too much, I won’t manage to keep track of it! The more sophisticated the app becomes, the less I will get it. I would also love to see other retired people to come onboard but maybe they need to be informed of this great service in better ways!