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Situations where Sherpa could save your life

Have you ever been hungover or heartbroken and couldn’t bear to see the light of day? Fear not Sherpa is here to save the day.


#1 – Hangovers

Basically, everything hurts and you’d rather kill yourself than see the light of day.

What to Sherpa: Advil, Powerade, bacon & egg roll…


#2 – Anniversaries

Whoopsies! It’s your 3rd year anniversary and your girlfriend made you promise to not get her a piece of string like last year, problem is, you totally forgot.

What to Sherpa: Come on Man, we can’t do everything for you…


#3 – Breakups

Chances are, you’ve either already been heartbroken or will be someday (sorry ’bout that), but we all know that feeling: ego down the drain, raccoon-like mascara smears, wanting to punch everyone in the face… But don’t worry babe, we got your back.

What to Sherpa: M&Ms, ice cream, herbal tea but most importantly: TEQUILA.


#4 – Weddings

It’s the Big Day, everything’s fine, you brought your Valium, your dress, the cake’s here, the ring… Crap, the ring! The Best Man forgot the ring! Just Sherpa it before you get all Bridezilla on his a**.

What to Sherpa: anything you forgot that will prevent you from going nuclear…

#5 – Parties

You got some mates together, the party’s pumping, then you hear that dreaded sentence ‘We’ve run out of booze, bro’, problem is no one can drive. Well guess what? We’ll keep the party going.

What to Sherpa: seriously, you already forgot?


#6 – Busy at work

Your boss keeps giving you tasks that are due ‘the day before yesterday’. You hardly have time for bathroom breaks but unbeknownst to your beloved boss, your body is slowly failing you.

What to Sherpa: any type of food, deodorant, energy drink (we refuse to deliver rope)… (1)

#7 – “Business Time”

“Girl, tonight we’re gonna make love. You know how I know? Because it’s Wednesday. And Wednesday night is the night that we usually make love.” As the Flight of the Conchords so poetically put it, it’s Business Time.

What to Sherpa: wine, mouthwash, condoms, candles, flowers, massage oil…



Can you think of any other ones? Tell us in the comment section below.